This way I hid my self-portraits behind fragments of light – in an environment that is close to me. This was a big step forward for me in realizing the personal light that we all carry, but also realizing myself and coming to terms with my physical self.
I further worked with these photographs using photographic emulsion, which I applied to clear plastic plates the size of roll film. Thus, I created an inaccurate positive copy of the original photo, which I then could edit however I wanted. Light-sensitive gelatin can be subject to considerable destruction in its wet form, and I very often used this property for engraving or other interventions. You can work very well with gelatin as an object and manipulate it in the space of the format as you wish. It also has its defects, for example in the form of bubbles. I try to take the defects as a natural property of this medium. My goal is not to create an exact print, but to use the malleability of the image – to leave room for the medium.

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