Light trap

    Any object that is light proof can act as a camera. That is also the case with an ordinary egg, where the meaning of connecting the external and internal spaces of the camera obscura becomes even more noticeable. I decided to create a rather unusual camera, and that from an eggshell. I poured photographic emulsion into empty eggshells through a small hole.
A series of objects that function as photographic devices was created, but at the same time are also the bearer of the photograph itself.
I decided to use a primitive photographic device made from a matchbox to capture rather naive diary scenes of family and friends. But the uniqueness of this device is the ability to directly imprint light, while it is not deformed by the lens and other glasses and lenses. The rays from the reality in front of the camera are caught in the photosensitive gelatin of the film. This creates a very subjective documentary about the light in my surroundings.

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