It is more natural for me to express myself creatively using photography and its old techniques, but for this grasping or understanding, it was visually important for me to set photography in motion. That’s why I still stick to the old techniques, but in this case, it’s shooting on classic film. This film is about an encounter with what we could call a ghost that transformed from a man to a woman in front of me. This meeting greatly influenced one period of my life and culminated in a re-meeting with a similar person or entity.
    The choice of technique was also chosen for the effect of light. Even the first meeting with the ghost was accompanied by a strong light symbolism. And what could capture light better than light-sensitive gelatin on film.
The digital reproduction was used as an illustration for the song Pod Tisem by the band Lichočar.

Technique used:
The Quarz-zoom DS8-3 camera was recommended to me for shooting, as my condition was the ability to adjust the frame rate and have sequential shooting available.
I chose the film FOMAPAN R 100, which I developed myself, so that I had the opportunity to use, for example, the Sabatier effect or other chemical destruction of the film.
For the editing, I used a film adhesive – Revue Super 8.
A Meopta MEOS DUO projector was used for projection.

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