Mothers (Urð hétu ęina)

    A music clip for the band Lichočar, which illustrates in its songs the stories of a fictional demon of the same name – physical manifestations of bad luck, misfortune, misery and nightmares. And it was the three Mothers, about which is this composition, that created this demon. The composition is a self-fulfilling ritual of the Mothers, they repeat to themselves one of the references to one of their forms, an excerpt about the Norns in the Old Norse Witch’s Song (Völuspá), to strengthen themselves and establish themselves in their own existence. After all, they are nothing more than materialized dreams and imaginations… And they know it well.

The video clip is created using digital technology. Each shot consists of several layers, which I combined frame by frame, edited and destroyed with digital effects. As with analog film, frame by frame. Many shots are shot using stop motion or long exposure and luminography.

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