The unreal reality

    Performance The unreal reality lies in the communication of the outer and inner space.
The inner space is blind, it acts on the basis of its feeling. The external space is one that acts mainly on the basis of the visual image.
I placed several eggs on a wooden board. An egg, as a symbol of outer and inner space. A photographic light-sensitive emulsion was applied to the inside of the eggs, on which the photograph is exposed.
In the first phase, a blind character is trying to hit the board with eggs. This is captured on classic film.
In the second phase, this film is shown and the same character, only with a lapse of time – so she does not remember where she was trying to hit in the past and she tries to tell her past self where to aim.
The question is whether it is possible for these two to be able to connect and agree in the same moment. Whether the internal and external space can find agreement in communication.
Capturing on a classic film was intentional. I think that the classical medium is the carrier of much more information than the digital one, the sensitive layer can capture and grasp that what is not even visible in reality. While digital media is only a surface capturer.

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