Available photography workshops:


Camera obscura workshop
    Imagine being able to turn ordinary objects like a beer can, a matchbox or even a chicken egg into a working camera! This creative workshop will give you the opportunity to create your own unique camera and explore this unique historical photographic technique.


Luminography (painting and drawing with light)
    Wondering how you can turn the space around you into an artistic canvas with a simple phone and flashlight? In my Luminography workshop, you will learn how to bring darkness to life with light and color, create stunning images, and transform reality with light. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with photography and art on a whole new level.


Experiments with photogram and chemigram
    Discover the primal magic of photography in our experimental workshop! Here you will try out traditional techniques such as photograms and chemigrams, using light-sensitive paper to create unique light images and prints. Ideal for those who want to explore the history and basics of photography and develop their creativity in experimental art.


    This adventurous journey into the world of photography is perfect for all curious souls of any age, regardless of your previous photography experience. Plus, workshops are designed to take place almost anywhere – from festivals, to weddings and corporate events where they add a unique and memorable element, to school programs where they expand horizons and provide new learning opportunities. Workshops are flexible and adaptable, perfect for any type of event where you want to add a touch of creativity and discovery.

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